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Zip up your Z Cavaricci’s because we are re-living the days of the Kingfish Nightclub ; or, if you are referring to the group of people who party here, the “Kingfish Nation “.

Our mission is to to revive and relive the great times we all had at the Kingfish Nightclub back in the 1990′s by celebrating with reunion parties, and to grow so big that we can re-open our beloved south Louisiana Nightclub one day.

The original Kingfish nightclub is located at 1099 Lake Martin Rd. near Lafayette, LA. The location has no nearby buildings, only fields and pastures, making it the perfect place to rock the planet.

We are junkies for love. And the music we play and listen to. There are no silent mornings at our parties; we are all on fire for the music and camaraderie till dawn. You can dance in place wherever you are standing: at the bar, on top of a speaker, in your seat; no matter where you are positioned in the nightclub. And chances are, the nearest person to you is dancing in place also.

kingfish nightclub, lafayette louisianaWhile the music played here is a mix of 90′s techno, soul and rock it can be heard very loud and clear with the awesome sound system, light show and famous D.J.’s always on hand.

The nightclub is not open on a regular basis at this time; however, we do have AWESOME reunion parties that happen every few months. To help accomplish our reunions, we need to see more and more people participating in the reunion parties until there is a huge need to reopen the doors.

So please help our beloved club by spreading the word, getting donations coming in and participating here and on our Kingfish-Nation Facebook Group .

Let’s Rock the planet again at the Famous Fish. The ride inside is what we seek, it’s our sanctuary. It’s is like no other music, togetherness and camaraderie that any other club can provide.

dance club in lafayette la

This is an article printed in a local newspaper about the Kingfish:

Kingfish Nightclub in Lafayette LA

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Please, be sure to donate anything you can while you are  here! These funds will go towards paying expenses for future reunion parties, such as Building Rent, Drink set-ups, D.J. Expenses, Bands, Advertising, etc.:

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Kingfish nightclub in breaux bridge, LAdanceclub in lafayette la

Kingfish nightclub in lafayette, laKingfish-Nation.com           
1099 Lake Martin Rd.
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517  Email :   admin@Kingfish-Nation.com


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4 Responses to About Us

  1. Christel says:

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  2. Julee Cole says:

    Hi Randy! I totally get you man! The Kingfish was a state of mind. Great times there always. I would love to go back in time and live it again for sure. We all had to grow up but we all have said the same thing I do believe… What i would do to go back just for a little while. Funny thing is… if that were possible in the since we are really thinking in our mind, we wouldn’t want to ever stop. They are having a Halloween party at the Kingfish Oct. 26th you should come. Go to:

    Hope to see you there.
    Let’s go Fishin!!!!

  3. Randy Brossette says:

    I grew up in the fish from 1987 to 1992. All thought the kingfish isn’t currently open and shes not in her 5 to 6 yr prime as she previously was in the late 80′s and early 90′s the spirit lives on. I have seen it recently in a gothic club in Dallas. I saw young girls wearing red and black Switzch pladd mini skirts , black roper boots , half solid black tops and black kingfish cowboy hats , you know the narrow ones with little antique style hand fans in both hands . These girls were young but some how they had grasp the very essence of kingfish dance. You all are going to think I’m mad when I tell you that last night for the first time since 1992 i visited the Kingfish … That is I visited her in my dreams… It was so vivid and real… I dreamed I had visited the fish in this current time.. I visited it and she was in the process of reopening . I cannot tell you how supernatural this dream was , my words in letter cannot do justice. There is a lot more to this dream but I don’t have time to tell it all nor am I being lead of the spirit to do so. I will tell you this I believe my dream to be profetic. I woke up in the night laying in my bed with my girl waking her exclaiming ” baby I just went to the kingfish in my dream” folks it was like I was there but there’s so much more to this dream.. I went back to sleep and took right back where off I had left off and continued dreaming … When I woke the next morning I woke longing and wishing I could go back to sleep and continue dreaming but I couldn’t. Then as I rose up out of bed and entered the kitchen and fixed some coffee I saw that on the news they were saying that people all accoss the country were taking a drug called Molly/ purest form of MDMA.. Now I can’t get into details but through out the day sequences of events acured confirming that the dream I had earlier that night was no coincidence at all… Now I have realized that the reality of my dream was not at all that I had visited the kingfish but instead the kingfish had visited me. Now many of you may think I’m crazy and deranged but on the contrary I am indeed not, what I am is in love with the fish and unless you are a true kingfisher such as myself , you can in no way understand what I’m talking about so please don’t waste my time but if you do understand my French by all means please respond to my post and let me say this to Mrs Romero , if what I have written has sparked your attention and you perhaps could find some use for me concerning the kingfish please let me know. I am more than willing to help out in any way of reviving this club. I’m in love with her and would be honored to serve . Maybe I can labor on the clubs behalf… Free of charge that is and I’m willing to donate . Please contact me ASAP at my Email address and then we can go further from there..at the same time if any of you old kingfishers out there want to chat feel free to hit me up. Thanks Randy

  4. kris ashford says:

    hell yea…………a lot of good times there.

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